March 30, 2003

Some young Marines, yesterday, came upon a 4 year old Iraqi boy who had been cut in half by something fast and hot and final…the boy was still alive, and trying to crawl.

Our Marines did what they could, summoning aid and whatnot, but I think we all know the outcome. Had I been their NCO, I would have ordered them to move on ahead, and then knelt and gently put that child out of his misery…we would have all gone on to have our own special nightmares…later.

There is a job to do…it is messy, and only certain, very special people can do it. Compare the amount of deployed military to the population of just the United States alone, and you see that it is a very infinitesimal slice, comparatively.

I wish people would just shut the fuck up and back the fuck off and try to keep things in perspective. More people will die this Sunday in car accidents going to and from church than have died and been wounded and been captured and tortured to death in this whole fucking war.

And there will still be the story of a little boy, seeing his own guts laid out around him, and some young Americans who will never forget that image for the rest of their lives.

God Bless them all…

Fuck Germany…

February 20, 2003

I read a comment by some German where he complained about Americans reminding Europe of their debt to us for our sacrifices during WW2.

He says that no one he knows, including himself has ever suffered under a dictatorship and whatnot, so why does he owe us anything?

Hmmmm, makes sense to me. I’ll trade you liberals that, and you give me no more pestering about slave reparations, and we’ll call it even, okay?

Hey, I never fought in WW2, either, and I never met any of my relatives at family reunions who died over there, so I never got the opportunity to miss sitting around and talking with them.

I’ve got nothing to lose on this one, just shut the heck up about slave reparations and we have a deal.

Oh, and Kraut-boy? Don’t whine when we pull out our 80,000 or so troops that made it so you could ‘wake up in a democracy every morning’…don’t whine when your economy collapses because our military quit buying your crap and paying you rent.

And I’m sure your great German military will be able to keep you safe when we’re gone, and other countries start licking their lips at the fat little German baby that is laying unprotected in the woods.

Hey, call on your allies the French if you need anything, okay? Let me know how all this works out for you, buddy…auf wienersen!

I Talk With Real Marines A Lot…

January 21, 2003

Some of them are my sons.I have asked for an ear collection, but none of those worthless brown ones. I want the white ones from the ‘human shields’.

You who think to stand against us should be very afraid. All of your logic and pretty words are as nothing, when the bayonet goes in and twists…

And don’t think that you matter, there on the ground, because he is already moving on to his next victim…

Yeah, we gave them cookies and water in the last one…they surrendered to us in droves, and it was almost comical.

Of course, we buried a whole bunch of Islamo-turds in miles of trenches, but that was just the most sanitary thing to do, dontcha-know…

We didn’t have the images of our people falling to their deaths, then…the hard SMACK that made even seasoned firefighters flinch…

We didn’t have the images of couples leaping, hand in hand, to spatter many stories below, never to be buried together…

We didn’t have the image of our own planes augering into our own buildings, while our breakfast cooled unnoticed on the counters of our kitchens, while we decided to keep the kids home that day…

And then we saw the films of little raghead bastards celebrating, dancing in our own streets, and in the ‘Arab Streets’, throwing candy to cheering little Ay-rab animals…

The rage has been simmering, and now hundreds of thousands of us are going to descend on the first target and annihilate it, and slaughter until we get our fill, and then we are going to move on to the next target…

Why do you think we need all of those carrier battle groups for just one shitty camel-dump of a country?

Oh, just watch the dominoes fall, and watch people like me, here in the rear with the gear, use our highly trained skills when the Arab sleepers finally awake…

God is Great…



January 17, 2003

I just got a call from one of my Marine sons who had signed up and contracted for a supply MOS, just passed all of his training and testing in the MOS with flying colors, and is now headed to Kuwait as a grunt…Oh, he’ll be guarding supply lines, but that is about as close as he’ll get to ‘Supply’.

Tell your young’ns this cautionary tale when they come to you with a desire to volunteer.

It just pisses me off that contracts aren’t honored any more. It bugs me that he’s going…heck, I wouldn’t want him going there as a tourist…and I could understand it if he was needed to replace a combat casualty, but this appears to me to be just more GI chickenshit.

My other Marine is gung ho to go, but they won’t let him go…appears he’s more valuable as a recruiter, hustling more wide-eyed innocents in to get fucked over.

Oh well…


“…U.S. forces are not permitted to follow al-Qaida forces back into Pakistan when they flee.”

October 29, 2002

Boy, there’s that dog-chain rattlin’ down the porch steps again… The Gulf? Laos/Cambodia? Ring a bell? Shitheads never learn. Of course, like Laos/Cambodia, Nixon bombed and insurged anyway. I have high hopes that Bush is just collecting satellite and drone imagery preparatory to a massive B-52 strike (Gosh, I wish you could pay to sponsor a bomb and have your own message put on it. It’d help the war effort, and be a heckuva lotta fun for the folks back here playing at home!).
I have high hopes that we’ve made a secret alliance with India, so when the balloon goes up in Iraq this November, India nukes the piss out of Pakistan, parts of China, and we nuke the parts of China they missed. Russia’d go along with it, too, if the plan was tight and they were cut in on the booty. Heck, give the Russkies operational control of the launches, and have their observers everywhere but on our subs!
Using tactical nukes and air power to supplement India’s First Strike, the Chink War Machine could be decimated within, say, a week at the outside. With Pakistan shattered, and the US pounding the crap out of any Muslum country who doesn’t just shut the fuck up, India could send in whatever manpower was neccesary to mop up in China. With a decent propaganda effort, we could probably convince the surviving Chinks we just helped them out!
I’m not convinced that this would bring on Armegeddon, and I’m a little disappointed about that. Oh well, we’ll just have to try harder next time.

We need to get together a bunch of guys…

October 20, 2002

…with really big feet to go over to Indonesia and just start crushing them little fuckers flat.

Fuckin little Ferengi are really startin to piss me off. Their muslum ‘soldiers’ all look like they dressed up in their dad’s uniform and gear for halloween.
I think we should arm the native Christian population over there with the baddest shit we have, including tactical nukes, and then lettem clean house…support em with Special Forces advisers, B-52’s, and naval gunfire wherever they ask for it.
And who gives a shit if an American tourist sticks his head somewhere they’ve been told not to, and gets it whacked off? Fukkem, they were warned. And that goes for missionaries, too…like we don’t have starving people over here and suchlike that need ministering to.

Don’t get me wrong, you kill an American, your whole shitty country should get smoked…heck, if you so much as snatch an American wallet, for that matter.
They keep telling me we’re a ‘Superpower’…yeah, right…when did we become such a nation of money-hungry pussies?

The Towers…

September 27, 2002

I think they should rebuild the towers exactly as they were, with the exception of incorporating modern improvements that were made and/or discovered since they were first built. This would include mounting Phalanx weapons systems and anti-air missiles, staffed full time on the roof, changing watch only by helicopter (I think every large city in America should be protected this way).

Two new towers would be the best ‘Fuck You’ we could say, and the best memorial for the big puddle of American DNA that would be buried honorably underneath them.

I think we should, today, send nuclear capable cruise missles, most unarmed, into the heart of every muslum capital city and ‘holy’ site on the planet, televised live on CNN via ‘missle-cam’, with a presidential address to follow.

Mr. Bush would just say, “you’ve had your warning shot, next time they’re real. The next attack of any sort on American soil, the missles will be armed. The next attack on American interests any where else in the world, the missles will be armed. As you can see, all of the missles that I sent to Iraq today…were armed. Do not test my resolve, or the resolve of the American people, or we…will…bury…you. I have ordered today that all American embassies be closed in every muslim country we have them in, and in any country that supports terrorism. This includes France. I have also today ordered every non-western embassy in the United States closed, and have had all of their staffs deported. Each country so effected may petition to reopen their embassy’s here, with an understanding that any act of espionage from here on out will be considered an Act of War, and will be dealt with severely. All aid to these countries has been suspended until they petition us for aid, and agree to follow certain guidleines and restrictions regarding trade, human rights, and other issues as yet to be worked out with the Secretary Powell and the State Department. Any Act of War or terrorism against the State of Isreal will be considered an Act of War against the United States of America. This will be reevaluated if and when the current PLO government is replaced with a genuine, fairly elected, constitutional democracy. Hear my words, fear my country, and do not doubt that we have the will to do what is necessary.”
Yeah…I wish.