When It Snows…

…it can fall so quietly, that you don’t know you are screwed until you look out the window, or try to open your front door.

That’s how I look at the state of the world today. The snow has fallen, and it is too late to dig out.

My End Times believing Christian family and friends all seem to think that there is going to be some big signs in the heavens, and clear warnings. I always tell them that it is happening, right now, in bits and pieces, slowly and surely, right before our unseeing eyes.

You go to bed in a free land, and wake up and are no longer in control of your home or your children or what you can do to your own body, or where you can go. Nearly everything you can do can get you fined and/or imprisoned if you do it in a way The State doesn’t appreciate. And The State is made up of people, people who make damn good money and great benefits doing what they do, and they will walk over your bodies and those of your children to hang onto them.

Every rule or regulation they make is ultimately enforced at the barrel of a gun, and breaking even the slightest infraction comes with the very real possibility of your death or imprisonment.

Think it’s not? Ever see a guy get ass raped in jail because he got picked up on a warrant for parking tickets? I have. AIDS: Anally Injected Death Sentence. Game over. For parking tickets.

Yes, we’re getting snowed in, and the temptation is to just go to sleep there, in it, and let the warmth and lassitude overcome you. It really is easier that way, you know.

Give up…

9 Responses to When It Snows…

  1. Billy D says:

    Amen Brother. You know it’s coming. You’ll choose to adhere to that devisive religion Christianity and they’ll make you choose. Jesus or your life. What good is your life without Him anyway?
    Coming soon, I think.

  2. AJW308 says:

    Last time I gave blood, one of the AIDS screening questions was “Have you spend more than 48 hours in a jail in the last 6 months” or something very close to that.

    I asked Dracula’s clerk if that was really a risk factor. I got a nod with a look that said “If you only knew”.

  3. Bane says:

    BTW, I’m farting around with another new blog at http://banerants2.blogspot.com

    My old blog is fucked, and WorPress has been dropping in and out all day.

  4. rws says:

    You’re not the only one having angst today. Maybe you can go over to your neighbors place and give him some of your own brand of special encouragement…hehehe.

  5. Wes says:

    I know the post wasn’t meant as an attempt at humor, but your description of AIDS killed me.

  6. Bane says:

    AIDS killed you? I’m sorry. Go into the light!

    rws, what are you on about? How is that poor fellow my ‘neighbor’?

  7. rws says:

    ooops…brain-fart on the neighbor, perhaps not so much on the angst…

  8. Spacebunny says:

    The thing is, in the grander scheme things aren’t really moving all that slowly. When history looks back at this period of the US’s history they are going to wonder how it all happened to quickly.

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