Test Link…

…to see if my new Blogspot blog posts look like chopped liver when I link to them here.

You know, I’ve had like seven experts look at my original template, and shake their heads and walk away? Sorry, Phin, to not give you your shot. I only just found your email in the pile a couple of days ago.

Speaking of chopped liver, the wife conned me into trying some Stagg Chili tonight that was made from black beans and baby brains chicken. Now, black beans look like deer shit to me, and I have never had a good experience with them.

Tonight, they were perfect on the chili dogs. Just enough heat to make you say ‘whoa’, and a perfect blend of seasonings. The wife raved over them pre-meal, because she’d sampled them at Costco, so I went for it. Stagg products rock, but this one rocks extra hard.


5 Responses to Test Link…

  1. Bane says:

    YAY! The curse of BaneRants is lifted!

    Now, if only I can import my archives…

  2. Elisson says:

    De Stagg Chili, she kicks ass.

  3. AJW308 says:

    Why not start up a dummy blog in blogspot with the template you want, tweek it so it looks right, then abandon that blog, but not before you take the template?

    I suppose that was probably the second or third thing you tried.

  4. Bane says:

    Blogspot no longer has the template I first chose, lo those many years ago.

  5. Michael Tim says:

    I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

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