Premature Articulation…

I may have spoke too soon. I think maybe my nice shiny new (and free!) McAfee Privacy Suite is blocking the write window of WordPress from opening. I have to turn off all privacy options to blog, now.

Is this worth the aggravation, I ask you? I’m the kind of guy who when a pet gets sick, goes and gets the gun. Why people spend money on their pets, unless it is to save a valuable breeder, is beyond me. Sure, I get sad whenever Ladyfish dies, but geez louise, my ex boss has sunk over $10k into his German Shepherd for hip replacement surgery, among other things. I’d have sunk a bullet into it, long ago.

I even told my parents they better watch it. Anything Medicaire can’t handle, they’re walking out on the ice.

So you can imagine my joy over my sick blogger blog, and at having to click off my privacy to post, and then type in my password each time.

Never make a lazy sociopath reevaluate whether you are worth the effort to pull back into the boat.

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