Random Sick Thought…

If you had the money and the equipment and the skill and the determination, why couldn’t you extrude plastic explosives into several festive, ballbearing-filled shapes, let’s say, plastic trash cans?

Playground toys? Newspaper racks? Benches?

Include the detonator inside, and blow it at will. Who pays attention to the garbage man?

Have a nice day!


4 Responses to Random Sick Thought…

  1. anonymous says:

    Seems to me that it wouldn’t be hard to insert plastique into certain bodily orafices, male or female, and walk it right onto a plane.

    Which just goes to show that fighting a tactic (war on terror) is stupid.
    We should be fighting a war of ideology. Our way is better. Their way
    is degenerate. Kill ’em all.

  2. Bane says:

    Yep. But only if we want to survive. Sadly, the majority want to look politically correct.

    I could make a Titanic reference, but why bother.

  3. JohnG says:

    You can make the platique into a number of fun filled shapes. The Iraqi Intelligence Services (before we invaded) and number ingenious ways to form explosives. Cheap looking plastic toys, decorative plates, and my personal fave was melting it and pouring it into lids of a briefcase and covering it with a felt liner.

    Squeazing it into bodily orifices…not sure how much you could stuff up there…has to be a certain amount to be effective on a lot of people.

  4. AJW308 says:

    How much plastique can you fit in a shoe? I guarantee that I could fill one of your shoes on a good day, well a day after a Grande Burrito Supreme, Chile Verde, and lots of chips and salsa.

    Or you could take a lead from the drug smugglers using puppies. Substitute Semtex for heroin and passengers seated by the wing root for the puppies. Put a timer on it so they have to perform hari kari if they get cold feet.

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