Speaking Of Archives…

Have you ever seen a grander piece of writing than this?

…have you ever seen a more flagrant piece of propaganda? ‘Palestinian Militants’…that’s like calling Jeff Dahmer a ‘Serial Chef’.

Damn I’m good. I will be sorely vexed if my archives bite it.



I am so annoyed! Somehow, last night, all of my posts on Blogger had all of their formatting removed, and now they are just lumps of words!


27 Responses to Speaking Of Archives…

  1. Wes says:

    Bane, I’m sorry about all the trouble you’re having. My blog hasn’t given me any problems, lately, so I’m not sure what’s going on. I hope Blogger fixes the screwup soon, bud.

  2. rws says:

    I took a look for info on backing up Blogger and found This .

    I also found This info about importing your Haloscan stuff.

    Good luck.

  3. Clftnb says:

    “Palestinian Mlitants”, Bah! I find that just as nerve-racking as the myth of the “Peaceful Muslim” – who personally may not have pressed the on detonater on the bomb belt/vest – but who secretly (or not so covertly) rejoices at the deaths of Jews and Westerners.

    Cool new place you’ve got here, Bane. I’m just a lurke at you other site, though I’m now considering being a bit more vocal. I sincerely hope you successful at overcoming this bout of techno glitch. Good luck, sir.


  4. rws says:

    tasting, tasting….

  5. EN says:

    The real tragedy is that Blondage is leaving. I’m shocked. She was always fun and never desperate.

  6. rws says:

    Ah yes..I suspected that moderation came into effect when url\’s are posted. Well, now we know.

  7. Are you as upset as this Bergis guy gets? http://www.ebaumsworld.com/mrbergis.html

    Listen to a couple of em, they are hilarious. I heard the Nascar and Gay Day prank calls……..hilarious.

    I posted your Palestinians quote on the Yahoo Israel News board:

  8. Twenty Major says:

    The font on the comments is really fucking small. You staying here for good then?

  9. Bane says:

    I really dunno exactly how fucked I am, yet. If yer thinkin blogroll, do em both. Lazy bastard.

  10. Blane
    You got my curios up and I thought I’d try wordpress for “The Tom Tom Telegraph” Don’t know what I’m gonna use it for, but so far, after NO posts yet, so good. I’m thinking naked Pelosi pics….should get loads of hits from that. Got an email from BLONDAGE. Oh Yow! Did she ever have to close it down. Shit! Something about “anal with baseball bats” or something like that.

  11. Bane says:

    I tried to comment there, but blogger wouldn’t let me.

    I have no sympathy for people who close down because of threats. Threaten me, and I kill you. Or ignore you.

  12. LL says:

    She did NOT shut down because of threats. It was something much funnier (to ME at least) but not to her. I’m sure she’ll wander through the blogs and leave her mark, wherever she may be.

  13. Bane, check out my blog. No anti-Christian stuff for over 6 posts at least. You’ll like the last one I just put in.

  14. Bane says:

    LL, somebody owes me an email.

  15. Bane says:

    rws, btw, thanks for the info. I shall check it out.

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