Whatta You People Think…

…about this?

I love the guy, but on this issue, I have always thought  that he was full of bitter, unrealistic crap. And I can’t figure out why he says stuff like this. Blogging made his writing career, and blogging will keep it alive. Or not.

My traffic has increased steadily since I started keeping track. Maybe this technical hiccup today will screw me, I dunno. We’ll see. But every time I have drawn money out of an ATM because of this blog I have felt both guilty, and gloriously grateful. You people, my ‘customers’ (though I prefer the word ‘patron’) have put food on my kid’s table, and presents under their tree. You have, quite literally, saved my family, more than once.

I’m gonna continue to do this, as I’ve said, even without an audience. I know a compulsion when I see one. If I can put up with the insanely retarded technical bullshit I have put up with today, I can endure damn near anything.

Part of why I don’t ‘go for it’ in the publishing world, is that you tend to just become another book in the bin. Besides, I don’t have a superstar agent.

No, I have done the writing equivalent here of standing at the edge of the stage, my back to the crowd, and just fallen back, having faith in God and you all that you will catch me.

I can’t complain, yet sometimes I still do. Sorry God. Sorry folks. Hope I can continue to please myself, and bring you all into it as well.


19 Responses to Whatta You People Think…

  1. EN says:

    Blogging is something anyone can do and he better get over it. I personally will not do it cuz there’s just not that much in my head that I want to share. However, If I did the number of readers would not be a factor. The answer is this: If you’ve got something you want to say, SAY IT and let the chips fall. If you want to be popular then do what it takes. If you want to be popular and get read, once again you need to do what it takes. Saying, “it’s crowded” comes out as whining to me. So what if there’s lots of blogs out there. I read about ten a day. No one’s good all the time but everyone has there moments. It’s blogging, not the search for the meaning of life.

  2. Bane says:

    I never have and never would do the ‘ass-kissing’ to which he refers to. I post on lots of the popular kid’s blogs, but I disagree with and piss them off all the time. Heck, until recently, I posted at Steve’s a ton. I got to feeling unwelcome, so I’ve cut back. But I still read.

  3. Kim says:

    Well, you know I was the Mouse that linkwhored. I’m not sure why he’s posting thusly. Maybe he’s working out the whole writing, publish a book thing in his head. Who knows. I’ve never been there, so I don’t know. I think he’s one of the funniest writers I’ve ever read, except for the tool/gun stuff and I skip over it.
    Just as I think you, Bane, are one of the funniest, engaging writers I’ve ever read and I pass over the porn shit, etc. You need to write an actual bound book.

    I started the blog stuff because I needed an outlet to start writing on a regular basis. One day I’ll write something publishable, or, I won’t. In the meantime I’m enjoying the heck out of writing crap for myself. If it entertains someone else, great.

    The asskissing thing I have no idea about, because it assumes I ascribe some value to blogs with huge leadership, which I don’t necessarily, unless I actually think they’re good blogs. I’m pretty sure I have not been an asskisser in my life for the most part. It destroys the lipstick, honey.

  4. Wes says:

    Blogging is somewhat like radio. It gives voice to people who otherwise would not be heard. Those who have little to say, or who present a worldview diametrically opposed to that of most people, are winnowed into irrelevance, while those who have a unique voice or share valid points-of-view succeed. Interesting how conservatives & libertarians dominate both mediums. There are exceptions, but generally success on the Internet & in radio=substance–which is why liberals/leftists fail in both, for the most part.

  5. Lil Toni says:

    …the fuckin echo in hea is TREMENDOUS.
    How bleak….empty….devoid of visions of fire….

  6. Bane says:

    I’ll miss you…

  7. LL says:

    Big flippin’ deal. so he has expectations of what blogging is, should be, and how it should pay off. Fuck that. He’s not the authority of who, what, when, where, and why people write blogs. That’s really all I have to say about that cuz I gotta go write a blog post.

  8. Joan of Argghh! says:

    C’mon. Steve’s a lawyer, and they are paid to know everything. Personally, I’d hire him in a heartbeat if I ever needed a lawyer, because at least he has a wide intake of experience and knowledge, not just book smarts. There’s a lot to admire about him, and I do. And I just loooove his voice in his podcasts.

    But, yeah, the bitter edge comes through more than anything.

  9. Dave says:

    Some people are just soo full of themselves, like lawyers. I guess there are as many reasons for blogginmg as there are bloggers. I enjoy writing for itself. I’ve written a ton of stuff no one will ever read. If someone wants to read My account of “going for the mail”, cool. If not that’s ok too, They can join the thousands of others who havn’t read it. The bottom line was uttered by the Fabulous Furry Freak Bros. “Don’t mean shit.”

  10. Lil Toni says:

    No you wouldn’t, but then again, I didn’t say I was “leaving” you.

  11. Bane says:

    I like and admire Steve, and LOVE his writing. When he is ‘on’, no one can be more on than he. But sometimes, I think he goes off the rails, and rather than using caution, he just accelerates. While I admire a fundemental belief in your own infallibility, I have yet to be able to achieve such an advanced state.

    I question myself all of the time.

  12. Bane says:

    Toni, if I could fix the look of this blog, I would. Trust me, I am very unhappy with it.

  13. Lil Toni says:

    I was “just sayin”, hun. No one likes change. This just doesn’t “feel” like Bane, but I’m sure we’ll all get used to it.
    Tha lil teeny font is killin’ my fawty-somethin year old eyes tho.

  14. Kim says:

    You mean I’m supposed to be seeing words in here? squint squint squint

  15. Joan of Argghh! says:

    While I admire a fundemental belief in your own infallibility, I have yet to be able to achieve such an advanced state.That made me smile!

  16. Giraffe says:

    I like his writing sometimes. But I almost quit going over there. It seems like all he every blogs about anymore is Nigerians (funny but gets old), tv cabinet (who cares?), pajamas media (who cares?). I like writing like the Macdonalds story. It seems to me he was blogging to make a name for himself, to sell his books, (I bought one), and he burned himself out on it. It seems he is used to blogging to get something out of it, and he got all he could, so he’s thinking now what.

  17. JohnB says:

    Shoulder ache, eyes burn. Yupo thats how we feel too after reading Bane.
    Just Kidding, dont hurt me please.

  18. K Hollywood says:

    Oh God I’m Mexican and German and I agree I’m LMFAO I run into their asses too in the store I’m not moving. And have you ever noticed how they fucking stare and stare and the kids fucking stare more for hours if possible. Ha ha I was born and raised here in Hollywood CA and let me say I had to fight Mexicans and whites all fucking day cause see I was too white to be Mexican but to Mexican to be white since 1st grade but by 6th they knew what time it was and decided not to fight me anymore cause I’d gotten real good through the years and would beat the fuck out of 2 girls and boys alike I never told my siblings I took care of it myself. This is the dumbfuck language I had to deal with growing up it’s call Mexican English…. Pizza =Peeksa … Kmart = Kmark, …Pepsi =Peksi Vanilla=Banilla She’s = He’s etc I mean shit I knew I was different from a young age at 8 years old I was smarter than the average 15 year old where I grew up and knew it … I look white people are shocked when I speak Spanish and I have caught so many fucking wetbacks talking shit about me recent as 4 months ago at Wendy’s on Vermont and Fountain I grabbed her by her throat and said in Spanish who the fuck are you talking about I hope it isn’t me bitch and all the Mexican guys working there started to laugh and one said ”Good it’s about time” yet he was laughing when she was talking! I grew up in a gang infested Mexican area yeah in Hollywood this fucking place is ghetto the shit on TV is fake the glamour died in the 1950’s . Oh shit got to go be back soon love this site!

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