Somewhat Distracted…

As I settle in here, and tinker around with Blogger over there, things may or may not lag in the creativity department. I can get pretty obsessive/compulsive over technology when it gets funky with me.

Yet, it has recently been brought to my attention that life is, indeed, short. I shall endeavor to cease, or at least cut down on, sweating the small stuff.

Watching The Batman cartoon this morning with the kids was not small stuff.

As the wife prepared to go to work, I told her of my dream last night where I found a guy living in one of our closets, and while he threatened me with a fork and a butter knife, I held him at bay with my Spyderco while I frantically signalled her to bring me the nearest gun. She goofed around, pretending to not hear me and acting stupid, and finally my Dad brought me a pistol, and I held it on the loony fucker in my closet and then zip-tied him six ways from Sunday.

I was in an absolute rage at her. I bullied her into standing up straight and keeping her hands down, and I slapped her hard in the face, several times, all the while telling her what I would really do if she ever fucked up again like this. My Dad and my uncle were on the couch, nodding approvingly, saying that well, sometimes you just gotta discipline your woman.

I told her all this while she was putting on her make-up a bit ago, and she grounded me from watching TV anymore. Damn.

Well, this WordPress thingy has some bells and whistles I really like, better than Blogger. But mostly I feel like I’ve been dropped into a spaceship hurtling to it’s doom, with all of the controls unfamiliar to me, and all of the labels in Cryllic.

I did not really want to learn programming.



One thing that is driving me insane is the date/time is wrong for both posts and comments, and fixing it looks more arcane than I care to handle. Do any of you WordPress fans know a simple fix for the simple-minded?

22 Responses to Somewhat Distracted…

  1. Dax Montana says:

    This is way better. Don’t go back! Just Damn!

  2. Bane says:

    Hey, I don’t like changes in my cage.

  3. Spacebunny says:

    My email is required? Scuse me? Anyhoo, what’s wrong with the date – is it not th 18th today?

  4. Spacebunny says:

    Oh and I don’t like that I have to go back to the main page after I comment.

  5. Bane says:

    It may be the 18th, but it ain’t 10:05pm. It really screws with my stats when the comments start going into the next day.

    I don’t know how to keep email from being required. I need WordPress for Dummies.

  6. Leopold says:

    Hi Bane. Have you tried theForum?

  7. Lil Toni says:

    The time and date functions of WordPress are controlled through the use of WordPress Template Tags and through the Options > General panels in your Administration Panels. WordPress displays the UTC time and then allows you to adjust it to your own time zone.

    Thas what it says in the instructions, anyway. Why’s that “arcane”?

  8. Bane says:

    It is arcane, Miss Smartypants, because they provide nothing to tell you what to replace it with. You apparently are already expected to know html code.

    Leopold, I intend to head there, thanks.

  9. Leopold says:

    You’re welcome.

    I just installed the bastard on my website, so I’ll be headed there as well.

    I do know a little HTML, but that,s not gonna be any help, because the wordpress script is written in PHP.

    So. Good luck to us both. HA!

  10. Bane says:

    Shit. I am tempted to learn, if I have to learn to do something, how to build my own website I can have free on Comcast. Buy a good book, and learn how to make that fucker bullet proof. I am most afraid of losing my archives, than anything, and Blogger is acting the fool. I cannot reliably post anything new there.

  11. Leopold says:

    Yeah. I know what you mean, but with your brains, it probably won’t be that hard.Heh?

    Shoot the Moon, Bud!

  12. Leopold says:

    Lil Toni was right about the time, though. My time was reading 12:00 and when I put -5 in the little box below the UTC time it corrected it.

  13. Bane says:

    Fuck brains, I’m lazy. That’s why I went with Blogger in the first place.

  14. Bane says:

    Hey, it worked! Thanks!

  15. Spacebunny says:

    required email isn’t the worst thing. I used to put my email on all my posts until they stopped showing up anyway and I quit. It’s that word required . I still prefer the pop up comments personally, but I can get used to this for you I guess.

  16. Al of Alnot says:

    Do what ya like Bane. Yore crazy fans will follow. I await your decisions and will adjust as needed.

  17. JohnB says:

    What kind of Spyderco? My Bane is a fellow Spydie nut?

  18. Orlok says:

    The color blue is way to peaceful for your website . It is more responsive though. BTW-Hows the job search going ?

  19. Orlok says:

    Sorry for the above post -what i reallly meant;
    The blue color scheme is waay too peacful a color for your site. The site however is much more responsive .
    By the Way I havent heard about your job search lately . How goes it ?

  20. Bane says:

    JohnB, Police model, serrated. I also have a couple of smaller ones.

    Orlok, I’m too fucked up to work right now. Not even looking.

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