Oddly Enough…

…I have absolutely no problem with this.

 Foreign corporations go into these countries and rape them of their natural resources, and give little or nothing back. They destroy the country ecologically, and corrupt governments. I’d be fucking their shit up, too.

Sadly, the corporations make things ripe for Marxist assholes to come in and raise up and train guerilla armies, and then we have an additional problem to deal with, all of our own making.

I will freely admit that America has had a generous portion of the blame for helping to make Africa the Marxist dominated shithole it is today.

And the greed of African leaders, coupled with the curse of Tribalism, will keep it that way, I’m afraid.

30 Responses to Oddly Enough…

  1. Kim says:

    I shall respectfully disagree with you. I think what you said is too reminiscent of those who blame us for 9/11. There are many companies who operate internationally and if you start targeting specifically the African ones or whatever, you best keep the list growing. No one is pristine. In anything.
    Plus, we have neighbors who live in Saudi Arabia who work for Aramco and who hopefully will retire back home soon.
    I guess we all should start revving up our solar powered carts, no?

  2. Bane says:

    Yeah, the old ‘everybody’s doing it’ argument. Tell me where I said one false thing?

  3. Kim says:

    It has nothing to do with saying the truth. The truth is, we may have pissed off a bunch of Muslims over the years, too. Or pissed off Osama Bin Laden, because he couldn’t lay the blonde university cheerleader or didn’t make enough filthy western lucre. Whatever the excuse is.
    That doesn’t justify kidnapping and probably killing and whatever crimes may be committed to “remedy” the situation.

    With that being said, he who prevails, prevails. If I have enough on my side to beat your side, regardless of whom you may support, I win.

    What does “saying one false thing” have to do with anything?

    Just askin’.

  4. Kim says:

    Weird. My comment moved to the top of the comments.

  5. Bane says:

    Because, you appeared to disagree with me, and still do. Or you are just confused. I challenged you to point out any falsehood in my post, not to make vague generalizations.

    And I finally got the date thingy fixed.

  6. Kim says:

    I’m not saying you have posted falsehoods and I don’t understand why you think I’m posting vague generalizations. I just realized I should have phrased my response “I respectfully disagree with your stance of not having a problem with this”, this being the kidnapping of peeps and the blowing up of stuff, etc.

  7. Bane says:

    I am trained to kidnap peeps and blow stuff up, and would do so in a heartbeat if I was in their shoes.

  8. Kim says:

    But, you’re not in their shoes. That’s my point. You’re in your shoes. You could say the same thing about blowing up a subway in Madrid.
    I’m apparently not making myself clear, so I shall go to sleep now.
    Perchance to freeze my ass off with the coming sleet.

  9. Bane says:

    Math must be hard for you, Barbie. How do you conflate Nigeria with Madrid? One country with freedom fighters trying to regain control of their country and it’s resources, the other country the victim of foreign terrorists bent on destruction to prevent a war against the self-same terror?

    Do you put all violence on the same scale, and judge it with a blindfold on?

  10. lambo says:

    The foreign governments get far more money than the corporations do. As they are doing all the work this seems less than fair. If you think it is difficult to get 15-25 year old unemployed boys to play with guns and break things, regardless of ideology, you are more sheltered than I thought. Marxism has nothing to do with it. Corruption and tribalism have far more to do with any “rebel” movement in Africa. When they throw the corporations out, then what will they do with the oil?

  11. Bane says:

    Everybody is calling me naive. You know how a sniper is more efficient with a rifle? Well, that’s how corporations are with money. And they work hand in glove with the intelligence organizations, who spread even more money. And in the end, the country targeted gets fucked, and so do it’s people. Now that is a fact, and all you have to decide is whether you give a shit or not, not put down idealistic young men who join their militaries or militias to fight for a cause, no matter how already lost or stupid it is.

    And your statement about govt vs corps and $$ is just silly. Kickbacks occur in both directions.

    In the end, it is about milking a country for it’s resources and getting them to people who want to buy them, the populace of said country be damned.

    And then the Marxists creep in, and thrive.

    Deny this truth.

  12. Kim says:

    No. Ken. I just don’t think these young men are that “idealistic”, rather, I don’t know that they are, therefore I just am surprised that you picked them out of all the global possibilities to give kudos to. I’m disagreeing with you on that. No, I don’t place all violence on an equal scale.
    I didn’t call you naive.

  13. lambo says:

    Ahhh thanks for clearing that up Bane. This explains perfectly the large Marxist guerilla movements in Australia, Wyoming and Iceland. Are you going to be starting a “movement” on the North Slope to help rid the natives of that vile British oppression?

  14. Bane says:

    Well, Lambo, I was referring to Africa, the star of this post, but let me direct you to South America, as well. There are three major ideologies on earth today: capitalism, Marxism, and Islamism. The latter two are nearly indistinguishable in their methodology and effect.

    Wherever capitalism fails, or fails to establish, one or the other two take root.

    Do you deny this?

  15. lambo says:

    I would say that you have western capitalism (socialism with a semblace of freedom albeit mainly issulory) Islamism and then democracy run amok. I think you give too much credit to the average South American/African when you dignify simplistic economics as Marxism. They have the power no through the internet and TV to see exactly what they are missing and they want it. NOW! I have had bright American educated Panamanians tell me with a straight face that they only reason they do not have the power and money that the US has is that we “stole” the canal from them. There is no hope at all for people that think like that.

  16. Bane says:

    Except that I have seen personally the Marxist agents the Marxist countries employ, and send into the areas to be acquired (or reacquired) like Mormon Missionaries. Only without the bikes. And with guns…lots of guns. And cash. Everybody knows what walks, and what talks.

    And you are wrong. There is no hope, at all.

    It’s all over but the shooting.

  17. lambo says:

    The closest thing you will get to a true Marxist ( I rely on what Marx said Socialism should look like) state now is probably Sweden as the French let it all go to hell after the Paris Commune.

  18. Bane says:

    I beg to differ. Seen Viet Nam lately?

  19. lambo says:

    The Philippines are fighting several wars at once: with the Abu Sayyaf pirate/terrorist gang (an Al Qaeda-Jemaah Islamiya affiliate); with Moro (Filipino Muslim) groups in the south; with holdout Communists; and a war against institutional corruption (one that afflicts the security services).

    Methinks that the Communists are the very least of the problems in this little mess.

    The last time I was in Vietnam I stayed at the Park Hyatt Saigon and sold most of my wares to two large private hospitals. Not exactly a dictatorship of the proletariat.

  20. Bane says:

    The point I keep trying to make, and that you keep trying to miss, is that Nature abhors a vacuum, and something will always suck in to fill it. I am not making a comment, per se, on the devotion of Marxist operators to their cause, merely noting their existence.

    Trying to derail my argument by noting that humans can be pragmatic to get what they want, or need, is fatuous, at best.

    I noted the Phillipines because we were there, a huge, stabilizing presence, which they came to depend upon, and then, we left.

    And look what happened.

    I’ll let you win, if it’s important to you. I do not care that the world dies, I merely chronicle it. My rose-colored glasses are at the shop.

  21. lambo says:

    My only point (initially) was to question the role of the US Corporations in helping Marxism expand in Africa. The Europeans are far more involved blah blah blah. Really don’t care much as I figure Africa is a great place to visit but not to invest in. I then meandered onto the lack of “real” Marxists today blah blah blah, then you came up with nature abhors a vacuum and I think we both can agree on that.

  22. Bane says:

    I think your mistake is in not taking Marxists seriously, which is why I have carried this on. I am aware of the Peanut Gallery, and I don’t care to have them lulled or confused.

  23. lambo says:

    If I could find them I would take them seriously as I find their ideology offensive and dangerous to me and mine. However I think that, today, it is the refuge of the impotent or the UW student Senate. I am far more concerned about those Muslims and drug dealers who actually have the money to pull something off. Power may very well grow from the barrel of a gun ( I know Mao not Marx but it flows) but it helps to be able to buy rounds.

  24. Bane says:

    I fear you are one of the ‘lulled’, and have forgotten the meaning of ‘State Sponsored’.

  25. lambo says:

    Show me just one state that has enough money to matter that is sponsoring Marxist Guerillas and I will rethink my lulling attitude. No Vietnam, Cuba and North Korea don’t count. The first because they are not Marxist and the last because you have to have more foreign reserves than the disposable income of the average NFL owner.

  26. Bane says:

    Viet Nam, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, China, China, China, and Russia. And India. And Pakistan. And Saudi Arabia. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…

  27. lambo says:

    China, Russia and Saudi Arabia all concern me, but not becasue of Marxism. Guess we will have to disagree on this one. Viet Nam, Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela don’t bother me any more than a homless person with a gun bothers me. He may get lucky but it’s your fault for letting him get the shot off.

  28. Bane says:

    You are this close to having me call ‘dummy’ on you, and we both know better. Why are you being so deliberately obtuse?

    Marxism, as an ideology, has no passion, no center, just an all-assuming desire to consume. It is the Ying to Capitalism’s Yang.

    You are apparently stuck on the labels, whereas I use them as place holders. Chits.

    And a homeless person with a gun or a knife will fuck your shit up. They are the only reason I know of to stay armed constantly. And the Norks have nukes! WTF are you thinking? That’s not some bum with a Raven, that is a Marxist Client State who has already promised to nuke L.A.! And all their so called ‘former’ Soviet buddies are more than happy to give them whatever technical assistance they require! And they begat it to Iran!

    Don’t play dumb, to win an argument. I have perceived you as better than that.

  29. lambo says:

    I will admit that I get caught up in the semantics game. A Poli Sci degree from the University of Washington will ensure that. There are people out there that want to kill us, given. There are people out there that will do whatever possible to get power, given. We (or at least I was) are arguing about what to call it. I don’t think that Marxism is the name I would choose but I think that we agree that those people exist and that the West has no clue how to deal with them, or if the clue exists the testicular fortitude does not.

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