For No Reason Atall…

I feel compelled to put fingers to keys.

I (hope!) I banned a troll tonight. He called me ‘dumber than a box of hair’. I thought that was funny as heck. Literally. I laughed out loud, and then went and shared it with the wife.

After that, I banned him (I hope!) of course. One cannot tolerate that sort of jape from a jackanape and a bounder. Who doubtless waits until his mother falls into the arms of Morpheus, and under the influence of morphiates as well, no doubt, and then skulks into her boudoir, and fidgets guiltily about, under her covers, making her poodles snarl and whimper.

His blog is dumb, as well, and insults Jesus, and is poorly written. As if by retarded chimps.

See how much fun this can be? Insulting total strangers anonymously? You fag?

Does your mother stir, there in her torpor, Soup? Do her leaden loins reject you, yet crave my manly touch?

Do you still want to play this game with your betters, you, a Lawn Dart afficianado, and I, an accomplished tennis player? Allow me to thump my balls on your forehead.

I am done with you, douche-breath. I was just teasing. I do not play outside of my weight class, and you, my possible son, are as light as a feather, there in your loafers.

Goodbye, sweet princess.

7 Responses to For No Reason Atall…

  1. pickleyes says:

    That was outstanding. You make me proud. I wish I would have bought stock in razor blades in bullets, because I am sure there are other little fairies out there who will want to end there life after reading that. Right on.

  2. Kim says:

    This is a gem. snort and guffaw

  3. Bane says:

    I tried to ban him but leave his comment, it was such a hoot, but WordPress was having none of it, and deleted it. In Haloscan, I can ban the tards but leave up their snark. He also called me a terrible writer and said I was going to hell.

  4. Kim says:

    You can’t fight with stupid.

  5. EN says:

    What’s up with Soup. He was always a bit of the kind of guy who’s never rigth but seldom in doubt, but really, he’s kind of gone off his little mind. Does he need and intervention? He’s been talking about the truth lately. You know, the kind of truth where God listens and then acts on his words… at least that’s what he hears in his head.

  6. Billy D says:

    You banned Soup? So, does this mean I’m no longer condemned to Hell? He’s judged me a baddie a while ago and told me I was going to Hell, but now that he’s gone, can I assume he wasn’t really Jesus, as he implied he was?

  7. Bane says:

    He’s playing whack a mole with me, but yes, he is no longer welcome here. Jesus can stay, but Soup has got to go.

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