Well, Let’s Take This Baby For A Spin…

Hmmmm. No template choices looked fierce enough. Crap. I like the name of the one I chose, though. ‘Contempt’. Now there’s a cologne I’d buy…’Contempt, for Men’.

Nice clean interface. Don’t see any option to ban, or fiddle with the template. Probably have to add an additional Haloscan if I want Haloscan. Wouldn’t commenting on one appear on both, otherwise?

That’s weird, I just made a boo-boo, and my delete key wouldn’t work. Had to use backspace. Hrmmm.

Blogger’s picture adding feature appears to be superior. This one asks for a URL.

I have no idea how to transport all my Blogspot posts over here, or even if I want to.  And I like Blogger’s word processer better, now that I think about it. This thing forces paragraphs, and I don’t respect it’s authoritay.  

Ah well, we shall see…



11 Responses to Well, Let’s Take This Baby For A Spin…

  1. Bane says:

    Damn! Fucker bugs me with an email when someone posts. THAT’s gonna need an Outlook Mail Rule. Or I can see if I can turn off notification…hmmmm.

  2. firefly says:

    I have seen several sites that have brought archives over. Don’t ask me how. Also template fiddling. I was wondering where you were.

  3. AJW308 says:

    Kinda hideous, if you ask me.

    Maybe I can get used to it, as if you care.

    Can you get used to it?

    Now how do I post this comment?

    Cut, refresh, see the “Submit Comment” button, paste, press.

  4. Bane says:

    Yeah, the fucking font is the size of ant turds. It vexes these old eyes, it does.

    Hey, you are one of the select few I DO care what they think…about, uh, stuff.

  5. imp says:

    Lurking, watching and waiting….oh….will look for mag glasses to read small font.
    good luck , hun!

  6. Billy D says:

    Kind of sterile. Like a hospital blog.

  7. rws says:

    If you login to your dashboard you will see a row of options at the top. The one on the far right is “import”. Guess what it does.

    In that row is also the “Option” option ( always wanted to say that ). Wander around in there and you will see how to do all those other things that trouble you.

    There is no way to alter the template currently, but the WordPress folk claim they will work on allowing some access to that Real Soon Now.

    Anyway, wadda ya want for a free backup, heh.

  8. firefly says:

    I know you probably have these already, but hey, I was bored. The last one has some headers that might be more your style. Or you could make your own.
    Yeah, more light blogging, but your such a stud….

  9. Will says:

    Should I update the current link on my sidebar or just add another one?

  10. Bane says:

    I’d be grateful if you’d add another one, for now, anyway. I am gonna do some fiddling tomorrow, but I have decided to dual post at both places, for when Blogger is taking a shit.

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