Man, I Hate Catholics…

I just watched this stupid-ass catholic twat of a senator or congresshithead on FOX News (“We’re so fair and balanced we have Geraldo and Eleanor Clift on the payroll!”)…

He was being flagrantly catholic (no, I will not capitalize a false religion), yet he is one of 48 of his political swine-kind, holding office, representing many of the People Of The United States, and yet still whining about how the church is threatening to suspend them from engaging in paganistic ritual acts of cannibalism, if these psuedo-catholics do not quit supporting the murder of infants, and other assorted acts of barbarism usually associated with the Democratic Party.

If you are a catholic, tough. Change your Evil Ways. Get over it. Study your ‘religion’, it’s roots, realize you are a pawn of satan, and repent.

And remember, odds are that the fingers slipping that cracker into your mouth have more than likely recently been wrapped around a little boys dick.

Rinse with the wine, spit on the shaman, and go home and watch Nascar.

…come The Judgement, you’ll thank me.

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