Yippy-Ki-Yay, Motherfucker!

Happy Tank Day, Palestinkians!

I see that the Israelis are helping you celebrate Tank Day with even more enthusiasm than usual. This bodes well. You think Sharon reads this blog? Heh. If gunships hose a street full of Hamassholes during a funeral, I’ll know I’ve got a Big Fan.

Palestinkians? Hey, if they can make up the name of a nonexistant people and a fake country, so can I. Ditto for Jordan.

If you’ve read the above mentioned link, have you ever seen a more flagrant piece of propaganda? ‘Palestinian Militants’…that’s like calling Jeff Dahmer a ‘Serial Chef’.

That GW can even think about giving the ‘stinkians any legitimacy at all, illustrates just how clueless and bankrupt he is and always has been. He has Saudi DNA all over his chin, and is every bit and more the crook his dad was…and Clinton was just the twisted bookmark between those two sorry chapters in history.

How much do you want to bet that Saddam goes free, and eventually regains power? Hmmmm? A sucker bet if I’ve ever seen one. My money says by next Christmas. Mark this spot.

Kerry is not an option. Get your ass up off the couch and vote for Bush, just so I don’t have to look at that moon-faced buttfuck for four years. Then wipe your ass with the vote receipt, and mail it to the White House.

Rumsfeld and Franks deserve all the credit for the amazing success of the invasion of the Middle East. That victory was the Bush Administration’s to fuck up, and they are doing an admirable job of it.

And is it my imagination, or does Tom Ridge use Preparation H for lipstick? That purse-mouth putz must have to push an M&M into his mouth with a pencil. Sheesh.

I’m listening to Rush cap on Kerry’s daughter for ‘showing her tits’. Lay off, Rush. Even a moron knows that sheer dresses allow certain flash settings to go through and reflect off of the skin. Besides, they were nice tits.

On a side note: The Olympics are all about showing off your country’s flag. I will not watch one second of the Olympics. Any of our athletes that participate, under the ‘no flag’ rules, should be ashamed of themselves. My family will boycott any product they endorse.


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