Losing Your Head…

You still whining about the hazing if the Iraqi prisoners?

Read this, and then go off somewhere and fuck yourself if you still have issues with it.

We are already killing these fuckers in nice big bunches, but we need to work harder.

Much, much harder.


I just heard the queers on Fox News say “We’ll show you the video, but of course we’re not going to show you the beheading…”

But of course. Assholes. No wonder we have people growing up in this country today that can be Kerry voters.

Well, I’ve got the whole video right here (via Ogrish.com). It’s over five minutes long, and loads slow as heck. I bet their servers are getting hit pretty hard. The usual shitty Arab quality, and you have to listen to their alien jabber, but here ya go

Get tough, America.

Another Update…

So, what was your favorite part? His screaming? The thoughts you had about his family, unable to avoid it, watching his final chapter in their home video?

I thought the dangling, decapitated head was a nice touch.

Oh, shut up, you cunts. You’re not going to do one damn fucking thing about this, so shut the fuck up. You have lost all right of comment on this.

Hey, just keep telling yourselves that it is just a few extremists, misrepresenting a peaceful religion.

And then kneel…

…and bare your neck.

You’re next, and it will be my greatest, saddest pleasure, to hear you all scream like the weakling pigs you are.

Just fuck off and die, already.

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