I want to interview people who support Rumsfeld’s ouster, and who are outraged about the treatment of Iraqi prisoners.

I want to interview them after the first dirty bomb has ruined an American city. I want to see the expression on their faces after a US military base is decimated by a chemical weapon. After an aircraft carrier battle group is destroyed by a nuclear mine, I want to ask them if maybe they think we should have been really torturing these enemy combatants in Iraq and Guantanamo.

This current photo release is just too bizarre looking. I’ve seen plenty of scandals break, and this doen’t look normal. It looks staged. Some sort of bizarre psy-ops plan? Could be.

I have heard people say that this will make the Arabs fight and not surrender. Have you seen one photo in the last year of an ‘Arab Fighter’ coming out of a building, waving a white flag? One?

I have already told you that they torture and rape our prisoners. There have been enough of theirs released back to their communities so that the ‘Arab Street’ knows this story is either bullshit, or not what they experienced.

There are wheels within wheels, here. I notice that all of the cameras that would be hounding our troops as they go about the efficient destruction of Sadr’s militia are now focused on this prisoner abuse nonsense. Our boys are cheerfully killing ragheads by the dozens, and taking little or no losses doing it. That can mean only one thing…heavy armor and air power are doing the dirty work, and that is messy. And all we see for the most part on television is naked Iraqis.

Hmmmm. Someone seems to be using their head.

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