The Holy City Of Las Vegas…

I’ve been there on a pilgrimage. Then I left and went to the Holy City of Needles, then to the Holy City of Barstow.

Of course, this was a few years before several Islamoloons crashed airplanes into buildings in the Holy City of New York.

I used to live in the Holy Town of Paradise, in the mountains above the Holy City of Chico. It’s none of your business which Holy City I live in now, but you can be darn sure it’s Holy.

Holy Holy Holy. Yep, that’s our towns and cities. The lowest place in America is more Holy than any pile of dog dump shithole city that Arabs may label as Holy. But our press sure takes it serious, don’t they? You can just hear the reporter yelling before airtime “Did the bombing happen in a Holy City? Fuck! Which ones of these are Holy Cities?”

You folks need to start to do this in all of your communications. You no longer live in L.A., you live in ‘The Holy City of L.A.’.

Get it?

Next time you call a travel agent, ask them how much it will cost you to fly from Holy City A, to Holy City B…if they give you any shit, tell them you’ll take your business elsewhere.

There is a wave of ijjits on the internet of bloggers becoming mail order ministers. They think they are funny. Ha ha. Instead, why not declare yourself to be an Imam? You can declare Fatwas, and beat your wife!

Well, I have to go take a Holy Shit on the Throne of Allah. See ya!

Open wide, Allah, here it comes!

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