Dear Iraqis…

In case you stumble across this blog of mine, I just want you to know something. Bush is our President, but he doesn’t speak for us. We are a free people, unlike you herd-pigs, and we think and speak for ourselves.

I am amused and gladdened every time I see the so-called ‘abuse’ photos, where you dogs are being treated the way you deserve to be treated. Well, you deserve to be tortured and killed, but I can accept a little humiliation, if that’s all I can get. It’s all good.

Just because most Americans have forgotten that virtually every one of our female prisoners taken by you ragheads was raped, doesn’t mean I have forgotten. You raped a lot of our male prisoners, too. What’s with you faggots? Every time I see a picture of one of you, you are either jacking off, or in a crazed homo fuckpile. I pity our good soldiers having to witness this sort of deviant behavior. And for goodness sakes, there’s ladies present! Cut it out, you horndogs!

And hey, what’s with all this dying in custody you wimps do? What a bunch of pussies. Seems you guys just can’t hang when a civilized human wants to ask you a few questions…you stiffen up like a possum and fall over dead.

Anyway, Iragis? What I want you to do, is to go find a bunch of US military personnel and run up to them screaming your displeasure and waving your rifles at them. Really let them know how pissed you all are about this. Find the GI’s with machine-guns…they’ll be the most impressed by your display of Righteous Muslim Anger.

Well, Iragis, I have to go to work, so I’ll sign off for now. But I want you to think of me all day, wiping my ass with the koran, and naming every dump I take ‘Allah’. I just wish I was there to kick your primitive asses for you as well, but the True God has not seen fit to allow that.



PS: I bet George Bush is really laughing his ass off in private about how stupid you all look with those bags over your heads, having our women laughing and pointing at your little dicks.

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