I Don’t Know Why…

But this doesn’t bother me a bit.

I like Asian people. I don’t like the idea of them flying their flags, though. That should be addressed by law and nipped in the bud.

But, otherwise, bring em on. If white folks choose to birth-control and abort themselves into a minority, so be it.

I love Asian women, and I see whites marrying and cross-breeding with them because, as a rule, no round-eye can resist a pretty, slant eyed girl. And the offspring are spectacular, both male and female. Witness Brandon Lee, may he Rest in Peace.

It is far easier for the white women to resist the short, stubby, splay-toothed gook stereotype, so they will be bred out of the pool within generations.

The Asians that come here are sincerely seeking Capitalism, and the American way, and I say to them,

Welcome home!

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