Okay, It’s Time…

I’ve heard and read all of the arguments for and against the ‘torture’ of the Iraqi prisoners, and I have made up my mind.

I’m all for it.

There. If you disagree with me, don’t bother, because all of your reasons are wrong, fallacious, and based on faulty reasoning.

Arabs take prisoners for the following reasons: First, to hold for ransom…Secondly, to rape, torture and eventually kill at their own leisure…Thirdly, to make the prisoners family and/or tribe behave or stop behaving in some way or the other.

The only thing those troops did wrong, is to allow those photos to fall into enemy hands. The fact that people who are secretly delighted at those troops behavior have to publicly harrumph over it, and that some people actually are horrified by it, lends credence to my thesis that America has become irrevocably pussified.

Well, except for some of our military personnel.

And me.

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