Green Side Up!

A woman had a contractor over to discuss the interior painting she wanted done on her house.

They started in the kitchen, where, after looking at some paint samples, she decided on the yellow.

As they were about to move on into the dining room, he rushed over to her kitchen window, opened it, and shouted “Green side up!”

She shrugged off this behavior, as he returned to acting perfectly professional, and eventually they decided on a nice Tuscany Cream for the paint scheme of the dining room. As they headed on in to the living room, he once again rushed over to the dining room widow, threw it open, and shouted “Green side up!”

She was becoming a little disturbed by this behavior, but he returned to his profesional demeanor, and they eventually settled on a nice mauve for her living room’s color scheme. As he was closing his sample book and putting his pen back in his shirt pocket, he once again hurried over to the front door, threw it open, and shouted “Green side up!!”

She had finally had enough of this, and asked him why he was doing that.

He chuckled and said, “Oh, that? It’s okay, I just have a crew of blondes laying grass at the house across the street…”

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