A Letter…

To Mrs. du Toit:

Sorry about the email, but the botheration of registration got too burdensome when I got to the Norton blockade.

I just wanted to say that I couldn’t possibly disagree with you more on this. The defense of this nation is too important to leave in the hands of reluctant, surly little cowards.

And, as much as I despise the little hippie bastards of today, I do not want to give the government another power to use and misuse.

Furthermore, we are in enough trouble on the homefront without all of the screaming and whining a draft would engender. And anything Charley Rangel is for just has to be wrong.

I say this as a former Army volunteer, with two sons serving as voluntary Marines.

Let me go even further against a draft…if invaders were encroaching on our shores, I would still be against it. If our young men are not rushing to the call to arms, we deserve to be overrun. It’s that simple.



…just in case I haven’t made my feelings on The Draft clear enough to any readers, here.

The Draft: Big Mistake, or Bad Idea?



Madame du Toit has directed me to a follow up post of hers on this here.

I am still pondering. It sounds as if we may be in one accord, with minor departures. My idea, that I have touted many times in the past, is to have compulsory government service for two years at the age of eighteen, in any branch of the military, or Forest Service, or Corps of Engineers, or things of that nature. Regardless, at 18, everyone goes through a military style boot camp, including weapons familiarization.

Anyone who chooses to opt out may do so, but they lose all of the basic Privileges that come with being an American citizen, especially any kind of government assistance, and voting. They will have volunteered to become part of a new serf class, and our lawns and streets will benefit mightily.

At any time, up to the age of 35, they may choose to ‘opt back in’, and perform their two years and rejoin American society.

The only exceptions would be the truly handicapped, crippled beyond any ability to even use a touch screen, and the insane, who would then be safely housed away from society.

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