How The Heck Did I…

…manage to get a mosquito bite right in the top of my ass crack?

Man, that bugs me. Kinda like watching Paula Zahn force herself to give a eulogy on-air for Pat Tillman…hearing his name fouled by coming out of her filthy, libwhore cock receptacle. She looked like she’d been paid good money to eat a turd…smiling as hard as she could, with hatred behind her eyes.

What’s worse, having fingertips that smell like ass, or watching some commie mannequin read a teleprompter like an organ grinder’s monkey smiles falsely for it’s coin?

Pat, God Bless you, bud. Go into the light. It was your job to die, and I hope you did it well, and took some of the goat fuckers with you.

I had to pull off the road this morning when Rush was delivering his eulogy. I couldn’t see for some reason.

Hey, GW, are you doing the right thing for our guys? You better be, motherfucker, or I swear, Christ Himself will gut you first when He comes back with the sword in His mouth.

Dang, this sucker itches…

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