It’s Time…

…to push this nasty old bastard down a flight of stairs.

Where’s a good anuerism when you need one?


A Marine responds:

I’m having a bad fucking month as it is and that cocksucking mother fucker andy roony is lucky he isnt within choking distance. I would rip his head off with out a second thought. What a piece of shit. You dont join the military just for college money, and if you do I hope you catch a bullet out their because you arent worth the same paycheck i am

I have never read anything that made me so mad in my life

it’s not about ribbons, it’s about service

I have ribbons from that war and when I look at them they make me feel tired

and worried for all my brothers and sisters out there right now

22 people committed suicide? two things: so what, and thats really not that many out of how many are serving.

take a trip home? yeah, every one wanted to go home. When it was coming to the end of the first trip for us marines we sent the married guys home first, and then the guys with problems they had to take care of

I saw a lot of guys take their names off the list to go home so they could put their buddies name on the list
and we are brave heroes god-damnit. YOU stand gaurd duty in the middle east listening to patriot missiles fire around trying to shoot down scuds that might or might not have anthrax in them.

wars have allways been fought by young men, they must be, it’s a hard life. Let’s see his old fat ass out there fighting for something he believes in

piece of shit

when million’s of jobs disapeered? Last I checked the number is just under eight million. in a population of almost three hundred million?

fuck, I cant find a job I think I will go get shot at? no people want to join- for pride, for serving their country. Things that faggod fucker will never understand. During WWII he would have been hung. So would a lot of these left wing liberal baby killer’s

I’ve never read anything that pissed me off so much in my life.


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