For Your Edification…

…or your constipation. I ran across this, and this, and now I want to go have a drink.

And then I hear that our stupid leadership has fallen for the standard ‘Raghead Ruse’ of agreeing to a cease-fire in Falluja.

Let me translate the cease-fire request for you, GW, you ijjit:
“We are getting our raggedy asses kicked by your professional soldiers, so could you please stop killing us long enough so we can regroup, rearm, and prepare more IED’s and ambushes for you when you come back in like you’ve committed to doing? Thanks, infidel, we knew you’d fall for this…you always do…hey! Watch while I pop out holding a child in front of me and shoot at you! Oho! Gets you every time, does it not, infidel? Praise Allah you are all so gullible! Insallah…”

Well, I’ve got to go hide some IED’s (Improvised Egg Devices) for my little ones for when they get back from church. Fucking pagan holiday.
Hey, God, I’m greatful for the sacrifice of your Son, and all that, but did we have to celebrate on a pagan solstice holiday? People who take the Pope seriously, mock ragheads who beat themselves with chains…pitiful.

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