Another Blog Dies An Ignominious Death…

Mine. Dead. Neon letters flickering out, one by one…flies building up on the window ledges…


Well, when Tiger-Boy got chomped in the neck, that famous show closed down. Hey! Dammit! I blogged from work happily and had a nice relationship with my cadre of readers a year ago! What happened?

Fickle Fucks…

I never liked any of you anyway…
…sorry…never mind, that’s just the wine and constipation talking. Let me go blow a log, and everything will be A-O-K …except for maybe that spatter on the bottom of the seat.

People talk shit about how much time we spend in our beds, what about how much time we spend on the toilet, eh? Why doesn’t Sealy make an ass-massaging, bung-cleaning, Comfort Seat for America’s shitters? Huh?

I just heard my daughter squawk “I did have blood in my butt!!”

She’s constipated, too. I got to see the toilet paper. Thanks, honey. Sorry about dinner. Her brother is jealous…he is passing his doots just fine, with no blood trail to mark where his turd was dragged.

Maybe the faggots have it right, that whole ‘no progeny’ thing.

I’da been asleep an hour ago…

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