Best Cartoon Voice Ever?

I think my vote has to go to ‘Brain’, as in ‘Pinky and the…’ That little rodent is so my total hero.

Some weird defect (among many?) in my brain allows me to do flawless imitations of any voice I hear. I have really messed up folks over the phone a time or two…I do a killer Hank Hill, too.

Funny thing is, you know how you always sound different to yourself when you hear yourself on tape? When I imitate someone to their face, they rarely hear it…it is their peers who crack up.

Hey, blind people! You all suck! I hate you and your roly, egg-white looking eyes behind your dark glasses!

Oh, shut up…they’ll never know it unless you read that last to them, and you wouldn’t be so cruel so as to do that now, would you?

Bear the burden alone…

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