Walking Tall…

I am really beginning to enjoy The Rock as a movie star. I absolutely loved ‘The Rundown’, and I enjoyed his latest movie nearly as much, today.

I saw the original ‘Walking Tall’ back in the 70’s, when most of you were still shitting yellow and eating your snot as a recreational snack. Today’s film is an updated version, and one that takes serious liberties with the true story it was based on, but I didn’t care.

Go see it for yourself, and make your own judgement. What left me with a sense of sadness…frustrated sadness, is that the theme of ‘Everytown USA being rotten with crime and corruption’ is so fucking true it makes me want to cry…while I run amok.

Drop me anywhere in this country…ANYwhere, and I can bring you the drugs of your choice, several illegal weapons, and someone who will have sex with you for money within a couple of hours. Sad.

And Casinos are the pure, beating heart of Evil. If you want to see a Hellmouth, go to any Casino. They are where dead souls go to piss away the rest of their existence. Behind the happy, shiny, smiling mask is the rotting face of a dead whore, maggots oozing from it’s sunken eyes.

Don’t get me wrong…I ain’t no Baptist. Gamble all you want. Dance, drink, and even pay for sex if you have to, just know that The Devil runs The House. Underneath the smell of room deodorizer, money, and perfume, you can smell the corpse-gas leaking up through the floorboards.

If I have had one theme throughout this entire blog, it is that it is too late…it’s time to ‘pay the piper’, ‘Game Over’, and it is all over but the crying.
I love the Marvel comic character ‘The Punisher’…I own all of the comics, and plan to see the movie.

BUT!…and much like Fallujah in Iraq…in order to root out crime in America today, you’d have to destroy the patient to cure them.

I’m down with that…

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