On The Path To Blogvana…

I am approaching contentment. Perhaps with a small side of happiness. I went through a bout of Postarrhea there for a few months, and I moved too far ahead of my supply line for people to catch up. I’m sure readers fell away from exhaustion, despairing of keeping up. Now that my posting has become more spotty, it seems folks are able to savor it more, sit around the coffee shop, and comment more, and more leisurely.

Yesterday, my new boss took me out for breakfast, and thence to Fry’s, where he told me to pick any computer I wanted for my work computer. He put it on his Visa. Then, on the way back, we stopped at a trailer place and he put a nice hauling trailer on his Visa.

And then he took me out to lunch.

*Happy Sigh*

It is nice to not have a worry whether or not your paycheck will bounce. We are in a committed relationship. I fully expect to retire or die in this job.

I should be able to blog occasionally from work, but I’m not gonna bust my ass to do it. I’ll try to post a couple of times during the week. I really appreciate you guys dropping by.

Funny thing? No matter how smooth life gets, the boiling pool of magma that is my hate and rage at the world is still there, in my own personal Ring of Fire. I try, but it sometimes boils over.

Oh, well. Happy Saturday. Just don’t get me started on ‘Hellboy’ and ‘Walking Tall’ being PG-13. That is some fucked up pussy bullshit.

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