April 30, 2004

Friday Funny…



Via Cox & Forkum.


April 30, 2004

Lost In Translation…

“Guilty until proven innocent…” Pretty words. Meaningless, really. We all know that’s bullshit, and yet you all chant it like a mantra.

“All men are created equal…” Hah! Apparently the author never showered after gym class.

“Money does not buy happiness…” Bullshit. It does all the time. You don’t get GNP from selling misery, so someone must be buying happiness.

“But…we’re better than they are…” Different, maybe. I’ll grant you that, but better? Did anybody ask ‘them’?

“If we’re just nice to them, they’ll start to like us…” Tell that to all of the missionaries currently boiling in pots right now.

“Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong…” Uhhh, darn, that one’s right…

“You can fool some of the people all of the time…” dang, ditto.

“Give the government a big enough penis, and it will surely fuck you with it, repeatedly, and without lubrication…” Awww, you caught me. I just made that one up.

Toodle along now, and draw comfort from whichever slogans your team is using that give you comfort. Go on, shoo! Don’t worry, be happy. It’s not getting dark because the sky is falling…

Trust me.


April 30, 2004

Save Yourself…

…kill them all…

Bonus points for the movie reference…


April 30, 2004

Okay, It’s Time…

I’ve heard and read all of the arguments for and against the ‘torture’ of the Iraqi prisoners, and I have made up my mind.

I’m all for it.

There. If you disagree with me, don’t bother, because all of your reasons are wrong, fallacious, and based on faulty reasoning.

Arabs take prisoners for the following reasons: First, to hold for ransom…Secondly, to rape, torture and eventually kill at their own leisure…Thirdly, to make the prisoners family and/or tribe behave or stop behaving in some way or the other.

The only thing those troops did wrong, is to allow those photos to fall into enemy hands. The fact that people who are secretly delighted at those troops behavior have to publicly harrumph over it, and that some people actually are horrified by it, lends credence to my thesis that America has become irrevocably pussified.

Well, except for some of our military personnel.

And me.


April 30, 2004

Just When I Thought…

I couldn’t hate John McCain any more than I already do…

Manchurian Candidate, indeed.


April 30, 2004

Playing Hooky…

You may have noticed a lot more posting this week than usual. I have been home with some sort of mutant flu, courtesy of my rugrats (can’t say rug-munchers any more, can we?).

That, and a weeks worth of an eye medication that makes me touch type, have kept me home for the week.

I’m gonna go see ‘Man on Fire’ today…hope I don’t run into the boss.


April 30, 2004

For Your Edification…

Go here for a proper edjumuhcation on all things Moonbat.

It made me smile.