Voxing Their Ears…

This post of his encapsulates what I’ve been trying to say (and a lot less wordily than him) for a long time . My favorite quote, and the heart of the post:

I do not believe that it is my job to educate every ignoramus with an attitude who happens to float by. I am not a teacher.

A-Frigging-men to that. ‘Course, my blog is ‘Entertainment Tonight’ to Vox’s ‘Capital Gang’ (or maybe Lou Dobb’s?), but I really get my fuzzies burned when some fully propagandized dipwit comes out of the gate, with blinders on, and a rope of lies tied around their balls to make them buck. I don’t even have eight seconds for that sort of nonsense.

This post dadoes in nicely with the above. And then you might as well read everything in between, too.

As happy as I am with my job, it has been tragic that I haven’t been able to keep up with this and my other favorite blogs every day.


If your retarded browser won’t lock on to the links I have given you, just hit F11 twice, and scroll down manually to “Sometimes it happens to be true” and “How to argue like a liberal”, respectively.

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