The Goddess Ann Speaks!

Go and worship.

Comforting? I haven’t changed? Just because I’m workin for da man?

Right now, I’m noshing on the best Dead Chicken I may have ever had. Bringing home extra bacon seems to have endeared me even more so to my wife. Women…

I only get a chance to hear slips of news during the day, now…unlike the past year, where I could surf the Net for every nuance…I feel like a prisoner, where every so often some other inmate shuffling past me whispers through unmoving lips the latest skinny…

Ahhh, fukkit, I’m making fat money. That’s all that counts, in’it? I may turn out to be the rare weekend blogger, catching up during the weekend while most of the other blogs fall silent.

I have plenty of juicy thoughts about dead and dying Palistinkians…must.percolate…

Love you guys…even the ones I hate. TTFN.

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