Oh, This Is A Glorious Day!

Some of my favorite bits:

Israeli helicopters fired three missile as Yassin, his bodyguards and dozens of others left a mosque in Gaza City at daybreak Monday. Yassin, a quadriplegic who uses a wheelchair, and seven others were killed, including several bodyguards. Seventeen people were wounded.

Only a charred metal seat and a twisted wheel were left of his wheelchair and a blood-soaked brown shoe lay in the street. “Two or three people were lying next to him on the ground. One was legless,” said taxi driver Yousef Haddad, who had rushed out of a nearby grocery when the missiles shook the Sabra neighborhood.

It’s about damned time somebody nuked that psychotic old cripple. I can only hope he suffered for several minutes as he choked on his own black blood.

Fuck these bastards. I pray Israel kills every one of them.

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