Gorillas In The Mist…

One of my Dear Readers sent me this

He then said: Interesting, big black hairy motherfucker escapes from prison, attacks several white women and children, and ends up getting shot to death by cops. In this case it was a gorilla, not a black dude, but hey, what the hell. What’s really funny, the paper up here played it up as fucking police brutality. I can’t find the article online, but the biggest tragedy of the day, according to them, was the police shooting the damn ape dead instead of using non-lethal force. I don’t know about you, but a 340 lb gorilla charging me from less than 20 ft away ain’t gonna be stopped with non-lethal force.

He ends with this:

Kinda reminds me of Luella and Rowina walking thru the park one day, when another escaped gorilla jumps out of the bushes, grabs Luella, and drags her off. The big ape ravages her senseless in the bushes, then ambles off just steps ahead of the park rangers with their dart guns. Well, the ambulance comes, picks up Luella and checks her out, then sends her home.

Rowina comes by the house several days later to check on her, and Luella won’t answer the door. Rowina bangs on the door, then calls out “Luella, I know it was horrible, but you can tell me, honey, are you hurt?”

Luella responds, “Hell yes I’m hurt! It’s been several days, and he ain’t called, he ain’t wrote, he ain’t come by…”

I haven’t printed his moniker, because I’d hate for thin-skinned pussies to give him shit, but this is good stuff…this is how white people talk when they are not afraid of being overheard and persecuted.

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