Dawn Of The Dead…Spoilers…Warning

I called one of my sons today from the parking lot of the theatre…I rhapsodized to him over the movie, and suggested ways for him to sucker his wife into seeing it…

Then I went back in and saw ‘Taking Lives’, featuring Angelina Jolie, and her lips…and, Thank You Lord, her breasts…

The bourbon had worn off, somewhat, and sanity had returned…somewhat…I redialed him frantically from the parking lot…

“Hey…there’s a ‘pregnancy scene’ you may not want her to see…I really do want grandkids…y’know…”

“Yeah, Dad…thanks for the warning…”

“Okay…but don’t pussy out on me…this is one of the best movies I’ve seen in my life…go see it, dude…sneak in some booze, though…”

“That bad?”

“No…that fucking good…I mean it, it is the most awesome fucking thing I have seen since 1978…it actually beats the shit out of the original, and I am a HUGE fan of the original…”

Hey, kiddies…Oscar tends to ignore films like this…it is the directors first effort…it is the most solid, tightly wrapped film I’ve seen since (maybe) ‘Three Days Of The Condor’…

Go see this movie. Take your friends. Tell your other friends. Spread the word. Quit watching previews NOW!

I am going to see it again at least once this weekend…maybe twice. I was lucky enough to see it during the first showing in a nearly empty theatre…the second show was full. And they are checking ID’s BIG TIME…I saw guys with beards being turned away because they didn’t have proof of their date of birth.

Go…sit down front…do NOT leave when the credits start to roll…

Trust me.

Rating: R – pervasive strong horror, violence, gore, language and sexuality

Pervasive= “All Through It!” Do not kid yourself…ALL through it.


In a ‘zombie kind of mood’, I was searching around and found this, one of the scariest ones ever, and the precedent for ‘fast zombies’ everyone is whining about today. The director also made (and wrote) the awesome and very disturbing ‘Grave of the Vampire’, one of my veryist most favorites of all time, and allowing the awesome William Smith to show his range for maybe the only time in his career he didn’t have to take second billing to an orangutang.

WELL worth the rentals, although ‘Garden…’ is less than an hour long.

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