Mister Language…

Strikes again

This tickles me no end. I’ve been meaning to share a cute Nat (not Gnat, dammit) story for a couple of days, now, and this is the perfect spot.

A few nights ago, my darling three year old, tired and all agrouch, was sitting on her potty ring on the toilet in the upstairs bathroom, panties around her ankles, screaming in frustration, besnotted and tearful. Sensing danger, I rushed in…Captain Daddy to the rescue!

“What’s wrong, Baby Girl?!”

“I can NOT get this fucking booger.outta.my.nose!!”

Trying to not let them see you laugh is sometimes the hardest part of parenting. And little pitchers DO have very big ears.

Go find what you think is the most sheltered group of six year olds you can think of…heck, I’ll even let you use Amish kids…observe them when they don’t know you’re there, and be amazed at the language you hear.

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