Horse Shit…

I just heard a quick blurb on FOX News about horses being slaughtered in America for their meat, and that Bo Derek is ‘coming up’ to discuss the matter. I bet she’s against it…”You won’t believe who it’s for!” the newshead promises breathlessly.

Duh. France eats horses. Bick fucking deal. Bo, Baby, I love you dearly, but get off your ‘high horse’…heh, get it? High Horse? Meat joke.

There are only a teensy handful of creatures that I think it is wrong to eat, and I sincerely may ban you for teasing me about it. I mean it. I kicked the ass of one of my co-workers years ago because he was taking his big riding mower and chasing a group of bunnies around in a field we were mowing and turning them into chum…and then he found some box turtles…

Yep, I pulled him off his mower and slapped the snot out of him, because I think those two creature subsets should be protected and nurtured, not killed and/or eaten. And I will fuck you up if I get half a chance for doing it. And that includes penguins, too. You can smash kittens with hammers all day and I won’t say a word, but leave the turtles, bunnies, and penguins alone.

All else is food. Don’t test me, bitch.

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