This Is Just Sad…

This guy’s site has an interesting title…I like it.

The photos are of the atrocity committed on the Serbs by Bill Clinton, his criminal gang, and Nato, featuring their pet zombie Wesley Clark. Our country has cooperated in some evil shit, but this may just be the most evil of them all. The Serbs, our noble allies during WWII, were destroyed by Bill Clinton to cover up his court troubles, and the Kosavars, Islamic fuckheads that manned the death camps for Hitler, were supported by Clinton.

Rarely does my hatred burn as strong as when I think about this perfidy. What a terrible shame. The damage Clinton did to that area of the world and the Serbs is incalcuable. What surprises me is that the Serbs are not sending our boys home in body bags. Well, no surprise, actually…I said they were an honorable people.

Now, the Kosavars are another story…terrorists, huge drug dealers (to fund terrorism), murderers. I just wish there had really been mass graves full of them. If I had the power, I would wipe them off the face of the earth.

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