I Kinda Feel Bad…

When I read an article like this, and then I find out the little girl was black, and I go “Whew!” and feel a sense of relief.

Oh, piss off! Don’t try to tell me that you don’t flinch when you hear about a school bus getting hit by a train and everybody is killed, and then breathe a sigh of relief when you find out all of the passengers were illegal alien farm workers.

It’s just you and me, baby…you can be honest.

On a semi-related note, I promise you that I will shoot through you to hit your Pit Bull if you bring one near my yard. The dogs in this happy story were Chows, another breed that I will kill with impunity…behind only the poodle statistically in emergency room treatments to children for dog bites.

Fuck you and your pet fetish. I have had many dogs, but not any more. I tire of shooting them for fucking up. Dogs bite. It’s what they do. They are, in fact, designed to bite. The don’t chew, they gulp…they are designed to tear and gulp. Any dog too big to fit in a paper sack that would hold a six pack of beer is dangerous to your children…especially if it is not your dog. I grew up with a Doberman. She never bit me, but I watched her slice open a horse from the front of it’s ear to the tip of it’s nose like she’d used a scalpel, so quickly my eye couldn’t follow it. The horse had snorted at me over a fence.

I will shoot your dog, and shoot you, and there is no use whining about it. You brought a shit-machine into my yard…a loose, deadly weapon, and your behavior needs to be modified.

Two Marines moved in across the street from me a month ago. They brought with them a Boston Terrier. They lived upstairs, and would let the dog run loose to take his shit. I told them that things would turn out tragically if one of my kids were so much as nipped. I like Marines, and I like Boston’s, so I didn’t shoot him or them right away. They moved downstairs to an apartment that has it’s own back yard and the problem is solved. I am relieved.

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