Drudge Can Fuck Up Your Day…

And so can listening to the news with your morning coffee…or maybe I meant ‘Spice Up Your Day’.

I hollered downstairs just a bit ago: “Honey! They gave that nigger the death penalty!”…”Good!”, she shouted back…how white people talk in private. We both knew who we were talking about, and were glad he is going to die. Too bad thay didn’t decide to kill his little twink, too. Oh well, hopefully some big nazi fucks him to death in prison.

And then this little gem greets me on Drudge…Hey! An opportunity to hate spics, too! Shaping up to be a great day already!

And then the cherry on top, and I know life could hardly get any better. The only thing that would make life perfect is a video of those birdwatcher’s faces while they watched.

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