In Like A Lamb…

Some twerp on another blog remarked on the banality of my blog. Dammit, I hate to say it, but he’s right. Since the beginning of this month I’ve gone all warm and fuzzy. Ever since seeing ‘The Passion’, coupled with my current financial straits, and my current long-running cold, I am just ‘phoning it in’.

I haven’t ripped anyone’s balls off. I haven’t molested anyone’s inner child. I haven’t kept any races down.

I wish I could say I’m sorry, but fuck you, I ain’t in the mood. By the end of this month, I will either not be blogging, or I will be going out like a lion. Or maybe with just a whimper. Who knows.

There is no inspiration. Kerry, Martha Stewart, Howard Stern…they are the macaroni and cheese of Rant Topics. Boring boring boring.
Those turds who got drowned today in the water taxi? Fukkem…shoulda took the bus…boring.

TV? Reruns, mostly. Boring. My kids? No puke for days, well behaved, and boring. I was punching my daughter in the arm tonight to antagonize her into leaping on me like an enraged Rhesus monkey, and she turned it into a game. Boring.

Do you think that this is when the guy got the idea to go up in the tower with a bag of rifles and ammunition? So frigging bored that popping college students began to sound like a good idea?

Naah. That sounds boring, too. Now, if they wanted me to set up in a hide and pop beaners as they snuck across the border…naaah…just a pipe dream, anyway. I was behind my scope last night, using my range finder to target areas of cover in my neighborhood where an enemy might hide. Useful thing to know if the shit hits the fan. Just stay well back in a darkened room when you do it, cuz it freaks the neighbors out, let me tell ya.
Man, that was boring, too.

Come on Al Queda! Give us something to talk about! Naaah, those turds are going to wait for after the election, hoping to get that diseased butt-plug Kerry in over Bush.

Fuck, I’m bored.

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