Vox Is At It Again…

I can hardly bear to fisk this.

Actually, I don’t want to. He is, possibly, smarter than me, and certainly much wordier. I tend to solve problems by paring them down like a math problem, where you end up with something like ‘Communism=Evil’. And I never liked to show my work when I could solve a problem in my head.

Suffice to say, he thinks we are not at war, and I think we are. He and I have seen the same evidence, we have a pretty much equal assessment of George Bush (whom he refers to as George Delano, a baser and more vile insult than any I could append,) and yet we are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum over this issue. He even takes a fairly inexpensive shot at Lileks, a writer I enjoy and admire.

Sigh. My head is full of over the counter drugs, and snot, but let me tackle this and then go collapse into my sick bed.

I note his use of the phrase ‘Police Action’….ahhhh. That little dust-up in Korea wasn’t a war, even though we fought it for years, and continue to ‘garrison’ the DMZ to this day. Viet Nam. Not a war.

Semantics. Tell it to the families of our honored dead.

Cold War? A journalistic buzz-word that caught on. Lasted decades, as I recall. I don’t think it’s over, either. One stupid wall falling does not the surrender of the Red Menace make. The Great Wall in China is falling apart, but no one in their right mind would posit the demise of China from the decay of it’s wall.

Vox seems upset that there was no declaration. Kinda sounds like the folks that complained that the Colonists weren’t playing fair because they hid behind trees when they shot British soldiers. We are in a new paradigm, where war and diplomacy can, for the first time in history, work together intimately, and with immediacy.

He really ticks me off with this statement, though:

“…There’s no reason to believe Kerry is less likely to fight a necessary war than Bush…”

Bullshit. “By their words you shall know them…”, and we have no reason to disbelieve Kerry when he says he will go to the UN for his war-fighting needs…

And this parting shot:

“…As for me, I’m not considering not voting for George Delano, I’m absolutely not voting for him…”

I’m stunned. I didn’t see Vox as a Kerry voter. A vote against Bush, or a vote withheld, is a vote for Kerry.

Bush is all we’ve got, and whether I like it or not, it’s that simple. Kerry is a bad man who would make a terrible President, a President who would make us long for the halcyon days of the Pharaoh Clinton’s rule.

It’s just that simple.


Lileks stands up…

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