The Gold Standard…

I hear all kinds of chatter about buying gold, investing in gold, and all of that nonsense.

Silver. Diamonds. Platinum. What are you going to do if you have a pile of one thing, and the Powers That Be change the standard to another thing?

Don’t laugh, it’s happened before…with silver. And anyone who knows anything knows that the price/value of diamonds is kept grossly inflated by the De Beers diamond empire. Now that science can make diamonds that are superior to ‘natural’ diamonds, I sure would hate for all of my net worth to be tied up in pretty rocks.

Money has value only as long as the Powers say it does. I have a collection of bills that once had great value, but now are just quaint bits of paper. Some have Saddam’s picture on them.

I guess I’m obsessing on the money issue because I do not, currently, have any. I can’t remember a time when we’ve been this broke at our house. If the placeholders we currently use to delineate wealth were to lose their value tomorrow, what would be considered wealth?

Assuming that societal collapse would no doubt follow such an event, I would guess that items like bullets, cigarettes, coffee, and alcohol would become coin of the realm. I would be rich, because I’ve got lots of bullets.

But for today…in the real world, I am broke, and without prospects.

Now there’s a test of faith.

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