Saw The Passion Today…

Everything I wanted to say I said here, and I agree with Lee and many posters there.

Lotsa spoilers, so go see the movie first before you read this or any other threads.

For the lazy:

I come here fresh from the theatre, and I wanted to read your take, Lee, before I went and blogged my own. I haven’t read any of the comments above, yet.

I was so psyched out for ’28 Days Later’ that it was a letdown when I finally saw it. Same with ‘The Passion’. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I used a whole kleenex, but left the other 10 in my pocket unused. The violence didn’t bother me a bit, other than to help me empathise with His suffering, which it did quite well. I was actually disappointed. The Bible says they ripped the beard from His face, and that he was left unrecognizable as a human being. And I’ll bet you He didn’t have a tooth left in His head. I actually wish it had risen to that level, which I had already seen in my head before I went there.

A truly beautiful, well-made film, the most moving I’ve ever seen. I will go see it again to enjoy the craftsmanship, and worship Him again, and to thank Him.

Go read the comments at Lee’s…but go see the movie first!

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