T2, Revelations…

It ruined it for me, and now I’m going to ruin it for you…

Change channels quick, unless you want me to fuck it up for you forever!

Still here? Okay…’member all the effort they went through to destroy the chip and the arm, and finally the new and improved warm and fuzzy Terminator who doesn’t kill but only cripples with knee-capping and thigh-bone shots with a .45?

Yeah? Eh? Following me?


…what happened to the robot arm that the Terminator ripped off of himself after the T-1000 gacked him into that big machine? Eh? Eh?

Thought so!
And let’s not even go there about how they dumped the T-1000 into a huge vat of molten metal where HE’D FEEL RIGHT AT HOME!!!

The hot metal that spilled out onto the floor REVIVED him after his unfortunate episode with the liquid nitrogen from the truck, and now you’re gonna try to tell me that his essence hasn’t contaminated and spread through that entire vat of fresh, hot steel?

Pish posh.

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