March 31, 2004

Just Wait…

Marines are poised to put some serious hurt on the Iraqi dogs of Fallujah.

That is their mission…their reason to exist…why they are there.

When the planets align, when the ducks are in a row, when the chickens have come home to roost, somebody’s gonna get a spanking.

Film will not be seen at eleven. Bullets will fly…Iraqi’s will die…buzzards will fly.

Two weeks, max. Mark this post on your calendar for a revisit. You do not call the Exterminator to catch flies in their hands, take them outside, and let them go.

The goats are about to be separated from the sheep, and there won’t be enough of the goats left to put in shoeboxes, let alone those silly, flag-draped refridgerator crates the stupid ragheads use to parade the corpses of their dead.

Even now, grim-faced young American boys are cleaning and oiling their guns, and taking note of every face they see on FOX News and Al Jazeera that is dancing, stomping, and mutilating our dead.

I can’t wait.


March 31, 2004

The Goddess Ann…

You know what to do…KNEEL!!!


March 31, 2004

The Definition of ‘Dumb Shit’…


I would have this idiot found in Ft Marcy Park.


March 28, 2004


What’s wrong, you scared of his Big Brain?

Get over there and read and comment and enjoy this blog. We all enjoy the love, no matter how curmudgeonly we act, and I’d hate to see this guy quit, because I really enjoy him.

Move it!


March 28, 2004

Good News, Bad News…

This article both lifted my spirits and loosened my bowels. The part that really got to me is the last two paragraphs…

Yesterday, ABC News reported federal agents in the largest investigation ever into Internet child pornography discovered a vast underground market that included many people with access to children, such as a campus minister, a seventh-grade teacher, a Boy Scout volunteer, a substitute teacher, a Catholic priest and a Mormon camp counselor.

Agents arrested a Chicago pediatrician who allegedly had 3,000 images of child pornography stored on his computer.

If I could get a serious financial sponsor so I could afford to dedicate my life to it, I would hunt people like this down and slaughter them like the inhuman swine they are.

I promise.


March 28, 2004

It Is Hard To Get More Messed Up…

Than this.

I suggest that if this becomes epidemic, the general public remind the police that they work for us by shooting a bunch of them until they stop this shit.

This ain’t no slippery slope, baby, this is the Constitution in a bloody heap at the bottom with grass stains all over it’s butt.

If you were looking for a ‘Sign of the End’, you need look no further than this horrible story.


More of this bullshit


March 27, 2004

This Guy’s Nuts…

But in a Good Way. He is on my ‘try to read every day list’, though lately he has fallen prey to the curse of allowing ‘Guest Bloggers’ to come in and mess up the place.

Pay special attention to his ‘Blogging 101’ posts, so you can appreciate the irony with which I write this post.