Legend has it that in the year 1804, Haitians sold the island to The Devil for 200 years if he would get rid of the French for them.

That would explain a lot. That we have sent in Marines several times to prop up genuinely evil dictators is a large blot on the soul of America.

The closer you look at the convoluted workings of Haitian politics, and it’s ‘governments’ entwinement with US business interests and wealthy families, the dirtier you feel. We have Haitian blood up to our elbows, not that I really give a shit. Oh, shame on me.

Haiti makes third world countries look prosperous and progressive, yet, just on the other side of the same damn island, the Dominican Republic prospers…same black people, same root stock, so you can’t blame the negroes.

I wouldn’t give a shit about Haiti if it wasn’t for the fact that there are (at least) fifty good Marines there right now, and may God bless them and bring them home from that hellhole in one piece. Heck, fifty Marines could take the whole damn island. Papa Doc was ready to flee in his plane when eight mercenaries attacked him one time.

Aristide is a monster, but I sure would like to know who is sponsoring the ‘rebels’…info is suspiciously lacking on this latest upheaval.

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