On Homelessness…

Lee over at Right-Thinking has some thoughts.

I have some thoughts of my own that may surprise you. First let me tell you that I hate the homeless, and would cheerfully pack them off in cattle cars to be gassed. Now that we’ve cleared that up…

There always has been an underclass that are either unwilling or unable to contribute to the society they leach off of.
Accepting this premise, we must also accept that civilized human nature has more of an impulse to drop the pennies into the cup rather than club the miscreant to death.

So, we have a problem, and problems require solutions. Not doing anything at all can be a solution, believe it or not. At the other end of that spectrum, regulating the piss out of a thing, forming government bureaucracies and throwing billions at it is a solution.

Those of you who have read my stuff from the beginning already know the solution I support; choose safe, secure places to set up tent cities for them to live. Separate with barriers the lunatics from the alcoholics, separate quarters for the drug addicts, separate quarters for newly homeless families.

Staff the tent city with retired guards and police, mixed with trainees who will then cycle out into the state’s mental facilities, prisons and freeways to work as guards and State Troopers.

This country is wealthy, and our government is wealthy from taxes. Say what you want about taxes, but they are inevitable. Short of an armed revolution, you have to accept taxes as a reality.

Why not centralize the money, and take away the necessity of funding from states and cities? If they can show a problem and a need, a request to FEMA (who would be perfect to umbrella such an organization) would send out a survey team, and then erect a tent city and provide every service someone who wishes to opt out of society can live comfortably, but cannot clutter up the property of productive citizens.

High performing homeless types, or people who just want to opt out, who don’t want to compete anymore, can just be given a federal welfare card and lay back in subsidized housing. While being a holder of this card, you voluntarily suspend your right to vote, along with (perhaps) other rights and priveleges to be announced because I am just writing this off the top of my head.

I mean it. Quit the sham of unemployment, and all of the other governmental nonsense that surrounds a drastic life change. Just give the American Citizen the option to stay home and survive, just barely, at the level they need to be at to stay off the streets and still keep basic cable and buy some cheap beer.

I mean it. Turn that aid money around that is going to countries that hate us (Palestinians, for fucks sake!!) and turn it inward on our population.


I think this would also provide a near-perfect solution for the pervasive problem of teen homelessness, where they are victimized by pimps and other assholes.

Provide a safe destination for them, plenty of counseling, law enforcement to deal with their complaints of molest and liaison between the kids’ police departments of origin…and keep them separated from predatory adults.

And keep the fucking priests out.

Bottom Line: Shit happens, and we need to design an efficient machine to deal with the homeless and keep them from panhandling, thieving, and just generally disrupting the homes and businesses and lives of productive Americans.

I can remember a time when this didn’t go on. It was a good time. If it takes a pile of money to solve it, it’s time to pony up.

Of course, the activists who fought to get the homeless out of institutions and onto the streets in the first place will try their shit again.

Those, we kill.

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