A Plug For God…

You guys seem to be bummed about my unemployment post. I’ve recieved emails, phone calls, and seen your comments.

Stop it. God has never ever once let me down. The miracles are too many to mention…the fat checks that arrive in the mail, the job offers out of nowhere, etc.

If I was an athiest, I would have to conclude that I was the luckiest sonofabitch on the planet, and I’ve had too much bad luck for that to make any sense.

Nope, God must like me for some reason, or maybe He just likes my wife and I’m Collateral Damage. Whatever, I accept. God has been very very good to me.

Speaking of God, my wife just called me from what is apparently a huge line outside of the theatre for the noon showing of ‘The Passion’ an hour from now. Good thing she bought her ticket a couple of days ago…every show for every day listed in Fandango is sold out.

I expect her to come home and spend the rest of the day in bed. I wonder if I’ll have the guts to see it.

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