I Want To Make A Point…

…that I have made here before. Since none of you slackers read my archives, and I appear to be getting new readers, I’ll make it again.

It is a point of honor to me that I write extemporaneously, as I think of a thing, with very little editing at all. I will sometimes go back and fix spelling errors (I can never spell personnel correctly without looking it up) and (rarely) fix egregious grammar convolutions, but usually, what you see is all you get.

If I want to write a friggin research paper, I’ll go back to college and get credit for it.

What you get here is a little news, and my opinion about everything. The addition of a comments section takes it perilously close to the type of communal efforts I despise. Squatters tend to move in and take over. I’ve been guilty of that myself.

You may note that many posts are only a few minutes apart. That is not me cutting and pasting from elsewhere, that is my brain rattling, and pouring out the bitter swill that has been percolating all day.

Anyway, have fun, and THINK…IBM had it right.

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