Call Yourself A Conservative?

Where the fuck are all of these Rush-listening, conservative, entrepreneurial cheerleaders on the Iraq situation?

Why aren’t they putting their money where their mouths are?

If I inherited/won a pile of money tomorrow, I would be over there lazer-quick with a few Harvard MBA’s in tow (and some damn good translators) and I would be starting fast food franchises and businesses right and left…I would start with a big fat Wackenhut or Pinkerton private security franchise staffed by Iraqis.

This is such a booming, frontier scenario, I cannot believe that there are not hordes of carpetbaggers with piles of disposable income in Iraq right now, pimping everything from pizza to prayer rugs. I would hire only Iraqi’s, and turn Baghdad into LA, and be a billionaire inside of five years.

And the agrarian potential? With links to American farm equipment and chemical companies? Jeezly Crow, you could start at the coast with desalinization plants, work your way inland with canals, making ponds and lakes as you go, and terraform Iraq inside of fifty years.

Maybe it is all about the oil?

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